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Becca's Page - Last updated on December 2, 2019
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Tiny Multigen Designer Golden Doodles for Sale!!

" Welcome to Becca's Page....our beautiful  Golden Doodle.
Becca was born and raised here at Wagging Heart kennels. Becca has a sweet temperament and is very
loving, and fun to be with. Her puppies will be excellent with children and will make the ultimate family
companion. The puppies will be light cream to apricot in colour. Some may have white abstract markings.
They will range from 15-18 inches in height and will weigh 20-25 pounds as adults. They will come with
their first vaccinations, vet checked, dewormed, microchipped, as well as our two year written genetic
health guarantee. If you are interested in reserving a puppy from this litter, we would ask that you
complete our online Application and we will get back to you with further details regarding the completion
of your reservation. This litter is priced at $4500 (tax included). Puppies with white markings will be will be
a premium. Becca weighs 18 lbs, and Cam weighs 23 lbs.
We are so excited to offer you such tiny golden doodles that you can take with you as you travel. These
puppies will have very soft curly to shaggy cream or apricot or red coats. You get to pick out your puppy
on the pickup date in the order that I got the deposits. I will book the appointments 1-2 weeks prior to the
pickup date, and will update the site  after I know which puppies the people with deposits have chosen.
Cam is a nice quiet friendly little guy, he minds his own business, yet loves to run and play with any other
dogs no matter the size. He weighs 23 lbs and has a very thick soft curly light apricot coat.  Tiny Golden
Doodles like this are rare, her puppies sell very quickly so if you want on her next adoption list email us
immediately. Her puppies will be excellent for people with allergies.
Males :
Reservation # 1~ New York (M#2)
Reservation # 2~ Oakville (M#1)
Females :
Reservation # 1~ Port Carling(F#2)
Reservation # 2~  OPEN
Below are new updated pictures of Bella on December 2/19
She is Available to pickup anytime.
Email now to book an appointment to come for her.
Becca  X  Cam
Born: April 4, 2019
Weight: 12-25 lbs.
Height : 10-12 inches
Pickup date: Anytime.
~~~~~~ 3 males ~~~~~            ~~~~2 females~~~~
Becca's beautiful  puppies pictured at 7 days old.
Becca's 2 beautiful girls pictured at 4 weeks old.
Becca's 2 handsome boys pictured at 4 weeks old.
Benny has a beautiful apricot and white coloured coat, these colours are gorgeous  in
the Golden Doodles so don't wait too long to call and come for him.  He has a nice
sweet calm and playful  temperament. He will have a nice thick curly to shaggy coat.
He only weighs 6.4 lbs and  will weigh aprox. 10-15 lbs. A great size to  travel with.
He has all his vaccinations!!  He is priced at  3500.00  He will stay very tiny, so if you
are looking for a dog to travel with you.... call soon to come for him!!
Male 2 has a beautiful dark apricot
and white coloured coat, these
Doodles so don't wait too long to
get your name on the list. These
parti markings are stunning and
hard to find in such tiny Golden
Doodles. He has a nice sweet calm
and playful  temperament. He will
have a nice thick shaggy to curly
coat. He only weighs 2.2 lbs and  
will weigh aprox. 10-15 lbs. A great
size to  travel with.
He is priced at 5500.00
Oscar is moving to a wonderful
home in New York after he has
completed his 4 weeks of training.
Bella, has such a beautiful soft silky white coloured shaggy coat, with apricot ears and
around the one eye, which makes her look very unique. She is short and stocky, and has
the nice blocky head, like her dad Cam.   She also has a nice sweet calm laid back dog,
and yet has a playful  temperament. She is so sweet!! She knows her name, loves her
bath and is so  patient on the grooming table.
She is 8 months old ....She weighs 23 lbs and  will weigh aprox. 25 lbs.  A great size to
romp and play  with.   Bella has all her vaccinations, so she can go everywhere you go.  
She is priced at 3000.00

She would make a lovely Christmas present for your family, an older couple, or
someone who just wants to snuggle with this winter by the cozy fireside.
Female 2 has a beautiful soft  
apricot coloured coat,  She also has
a nice sweet calm and playful  
temperament. She will have a nice
thick shaggy coat. She has a tiny
white on her head and paws. Just
look the sweetness in her eyes...how
could you not love her!!
She weighs 2.6 lbs and  will weigh
aprox. 10-15 lbs.
A great size to travel  with.
She is priced at 4500.00

Winnie is moving to Port Carling
after she has completed her 4
weeks of training with my certified
Beeca's beautiful puppies are sold and
moving to their forever new homes after
they have completed their training.
"Benny"  is SOLD!! He is moving to his new home in Oakville, on
Dec.21/19 after he has completed our full training program.
Benny you are such a lucky boy to find such a wonderful home,
where you will be a wonderful playmate for a happy little boy!!
"Bella" Female #1 is Available!!
"Benny" pictured after a
day in the spa and
grooming room!