Wagging Heart Kennels Guarantee

We, Wagging Heart Kennels, guarantee this puppy or dog to be in good health at the time of sale.  
We also guarantee up to and no more than 24 months after the date of sale against all genetic
defects.  Should a genetic defect appear within this time period, we will either replace the puppy
with another of equal value or we will reimburse you the amount of and no greater than the
purchase price of the puppy.  In this situation, we will require a letter of diagnosis from your vet
along with his/her telephone number before any reimbursement occurs.  In the event of a puppy
replacement, we will assume no shipping costs.  We, the sellers, take no responsibility for
veterinarian costs after the puppy or dog leaves the premises of Wagging Heart Kennels.
Due to varying kinds of dog food on the market and the different environmental conditions the
puppies come on contact with,we will not guarantee the puppy unless they are given NuVet Plus
daily at the manufacturer's suggested dosage for these 24 months. But this is for the the long life
and health of your puppy so why would you stop giving it this super builder to your best friend?
Our guarantee does not include poisoning, accidents,negligence or behavioral problems, as training
philosophies and environments vary amongst individuals, nor dental bills.

Breed: ____________________                        Sex: _______________________

Colour: ___________________                        Date of Birth: ________________

Purchase Price: _____________                        Date of Sale: _________________

Buyer’s Name, Address, Phone #: _______________________________________


I, ______________________________, agree to all of the above conditions.          
Buyer’s Signature                                                                                         

Dated on the ________ day of _________, 20____.         

Send signed & dated form to:   Wagging Heart Kennels
c/o John & Shelley Erb
41980 Moncrieff Road, R.R. 2, Blyth, Ontario N0M 1H0

Guarantee is void if not returned with buyer’s signature within 45 days from date of sale.
Please keep one copy for your records.