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Puppies Available....
Welcome to the "baby" page ........ where you can meet the
youngest members of Wagging Heart Kennels!
If you are interested in purchasing a beautiful goldendoodle from Wagging Heart
Kennels, please refer to the
Purchase Agreement for further details.

We as breeders at Wagging Heart Kennels, try to breed for a great
temperament in all our puppies  by matching mates carefully.By doing this
we try to compliment each ones weaknesses with the strong points of the
other.The F1B is a Doodle with a Poodle, so they are breed back one
generation closer to a Poodle,thus they could have a more of the Poodles  
temperament.We  have not noticed a large  difference in the
temperament of the F1 and the F1B Mini Goldendoodles.The F1Bs could
have slightly more energy, but we have had nothing but good
comments back from previous customers as well (read our testimonials
page).As far as the F1 or F1B for allergies,we have had people with allergies
buy F1 and F1B puppies.It depends on how serious your allergies
are.Generally they are fine with both.If I know that someone would like an F1
puppy but they have allergies I will help them choose a puppy that would
best suit them (wavy to curly hair for example).If you see a litter in the future
that would interest you, contact us and we'll help you reserve a puppy from
that litter.Remember we will do our very best to ship the puppy to you   
anywhere in the world. We have connections with a reputable forwarding
company that specializes in live animal transfer that does a great job in
finalizing all the necessary documents needed for all the different countries.
Enjoy choosing the right puppy for you,as you look  
at the  pictures.
If you are interested in reserving a Tiny, Miniature, or
a Standard Goldendoodle  from Wagging Heart
Kennels, please print off our
"Purchase Agreement ",
fill it out, and send it with your deposit
to the givenaddress.
This is for reservation only and if the puppy
you would like to purchase is ready to go home now
there is no need to send us a deposit, simply call or
email us to arrange a time to come see the puppies.


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Enjoy looking at our TinyF1b and Mini F1 GoldenDoodles!!!
Check out our New Australian Labradoodle Puppies!!!
Look at the new Babies, just born!!!
Contact us by telephone
or email if you find a puppy that you like from
"Wagging Heart Kennels."

Wagging Heart Kennels , R.R. #1,Monkton ON.   
N0K 1P0
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