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Puppies Available Page....
Welcome to the "baby page "........ where you can meet the youngest
members of  Wagging Heart Kennels!
We breed for a great temperament in all our puppies  by to compliment each ones weaknesses
with the strong points of the other. The F1B is a Doodle with a Poodle, so they are breed back
one generation closer to a Poodle,thus they could have a more of the Poodles  temperament.
We  have not noticed a large  difference in the temperament of the F1 and the F1B Mini
Goldendoodles. The F1Bs could have slightly more
energy, but we have had nothing but good comments back from previous customers as well
(read our testimonials page).As far as the F1 or F1B for allergies,we have had people with
allergies buy F1 and F1B puppies.It depends on how serious your allergies are. Generally they
are fine
with both. If I know that someone would like an F1 puppy but they have allergies I will help them
choose a puppy that would best suit them (wavy to
curly hair for example).If you see a litter in the future that would interest you, contact us and
we'll help you reserve a puppy from that litter. Remember we will do our very best to ship the
puppy to you   
anywhere in the world. We have connections with a reputable forwarding
company that specializes in live animal transfer that does a great job in finalizing all the
necessary documents needed for all the different countries. Enjoy choosing the right puppy for
you,as you look at the  pictures.
If you are interested in reserving a Tiny, Miniature, or a Standard Golden Doodle  from
Wagging Heart Kennels, please print off our  "Purchase Agreement " fill it out, and
send it with your deposit to the given address above .
Fill out the application on my website, and be sure to click on the "submit" button at
the very bottom of the page, and I will get your application as an email and will
respond back as soon as I can. You can also send an E-Transfer for your payment.
Or you can call us at 519-887-8419 and leave a message,or call my cell # 519-274-9520,
and we will return your call as soon as possible.
If the puppy you would like to purchase is old enough to go home now, there is no
need to send us a deposit, simply call or
email us to arrange a time to come get the puppy you like.
Click on the Brown buttons below to see our beautiful puppies that are available.
We have a nice variety of colours and sizes to choose from.
Contact us soon by telephone
or email if you find a puppy that you like from "Wagging Heart Kennels."

Wagging Heart Kennels ,
41980 Moncrieff Road,
R.R. 2, Blyth, Ontario    N0M 1H0

Shelley C# 519-274-9520   or  John's C# 519-570-6944
Email Us:   info@waggingheartkennels.com

Be sure to get your name on the list by filling out the Application and sending a
deposit, before the puppies  are all sold out....you get to choose your puppy in
the order that I got the deposits.
The site is daily updated as I get deposits for the puppies.

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Call Us (519) 887-8419 or Email Us info@waggingheartkennels.com
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Wagging Heart Kennels,
o/c John & Shelley Erb,
41980 Moncrieff Road, Morris Turnberry,
R.R.2 Blyth, Ontario
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Home # 519-887-8419
Shelley's C#  519-274-9520
John's C# 519-570-6944
Please check out the "Upcoming Litters Page"
to see the new postings of the Moms that are
going to have new babies soon.....
Make sure to call or fill out the application
to get your name on the list
before they are all sold out.
Want a fully Trained dog?????      
Are you looking for a dog but don't want the headache of all the crying, whining, mess making,
nipping, jumping up, and all the other things that come with training young puppies? Our training
program will totally take care of that for you. We will work very hard to create a well behaved, well
months the dog will be fully crate trained and house trained. You won't need to worry about
cleaning up messes in the house.
We also work on behaviour. We will leash train the dog to walk nicely at your side without pulling.
The dog will sit, stay, and come on command. At the end of the training session we will be able to
give you a well trained, well behaved, well socialized dog that has had many, many hours of one on
one training.
If you would be interested in reserving one of our Beautiful trained Goldendoodles, give us a call at
519-887-8419 or send us an email.
Trained Golden Doodles: $995.00/per week, or $8950.00 intensive training for 10-12 weeks.