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F1b English Tiny English Golden Doodles for Sale!!!!!
"Congratulations Sonja"
We are happy to announce that Sonja  has  given birth to a family of 7 gorgeous puppies
on April 24, 2018. She has 3 boys and 4 girls.
Sonja is a wonderful Mom here at Wagging Heart Kennels, she is such a
sweetheart,with a quiet, friendly,happy, and loving temperament. Her parents are
Sophie X Tugs thus her wonderful temperament. She has a very soft and gorgeous
apricot and white curly coat, this will be excellent for producing non shedding
hypoallergenic Golden Doodles. She weighs 22 lbs.
Her puppies will stunning and will weigh 15-25 lbs. full grown.
Her puppies are priced at 4000.00+ premium for parti markings.
Call soon to get on the list.

Highlighter is our party poodle that wants to give you the best looking family pet ever. He was born
and raised here at Wagging Heart Kennels.  He is a very fun and friendly little man that loves to run
and play with all the other dogs. With his beautiful soft red and white coat he will be a proud father of
many stunning dogs walking in the beautiful dog parks. He weighs in at 14.3lbs. He has cleared all of
his tests with flying colours!
Call Us (519) 887-8419 or Email Us info@waggingheartkennels.com
Males :
Reservation # 1~  Richmond Hill
Reservation # 2~ Toronto
Reservation # 3~ Hamilton
Females :  
Reservation # 1~ Whitby
Reservation # 2~ Aurora
Reservation # 3~ Richmond Hill
Reservation # 4~
Sonja  X  Highlighter
~~~2 boys~~~                   ~~~~~~~~4 girls~~~~~~
Sonja's beautiful puppies pictured at 1 day old.
Thankyou Sonja you are such a good momma!!
Male 1 has a very pretty black and white shaggy
coat. He has white on all 4 paws and his chest and
chin. He weighs 5.4 lbs and will weigh aprox. 25-35
lbs.  He is priced at 3000.00 He moved to Burlington!
Male 2 has a very pretty apricot and white
curly to shaggy coat. He weighs 5 lbs and will
weigh aprox. 25-35 lbs.  He is priced at
3500.00He Moved to Toronto!
Female 1 has a very pretty black and white
shaggy coat. He weighs 5 lbs and will weigh
aprox. 25-35 lbs.  He is priced at 3000.00She
moved to Muskoka!
Female 2 has a very pretty dark apricot and
white curly to shaggy coat. She weighs 4.4 lbs
and will weigh aprox. 20-25 lbs.  
Shady is staying at Wagging Heart Kennels to
add to our Elite Breeding Program!
Female 3 "Lincoln"has a very pretty
apricot and white shaggy coat. She weighs 7
lbs and will weigh aprox. 18-22 lbs.  She is a
sweet little girl and is wanting to go to
wonderful home where she can go for walks
and hikes, then come home and be hugged
and snuggled too.  She is priced at 4500.00
firm.Lincoln moved to a wonderful home
in Brampton.
Female 4 has a very pretty black and white
curly to shaggy coat. She weighs 3.6 lbs and
will weigh aprox. 18-22 lbs.  She is priced at
4500.00 She moved to Toronto!
Sonja X Duffy's beautiful puppies below are
all sold and moved to their wonderful homes!!
~~~~~~~~3 boys ~~~~~~                    ~~~~~~~~~~~4 girls~~~~~~~~~~~~
WOW.....Sonja's adorable babies pictured at 1 day old!!
Keep watching for new pics of these
gorgeous puppies as they grow!!!

Scroll down to see Sonja's gorgeous
puppies from her previous litter.
Below are  pictures of Sonja's adorable puppies at 1 day old . At 4 weeks I will post
group pics of the males and of the females.
Then at 6 weeks old, I will post individual closeup pictures of each puppy, so if you are
not in driving distance and need the puppy shipped, then you get a good close look at
each puppy so you know what you are getting. I will also help you choose the puppy
you are looking for. They will be microchiped, dewormed, treated with Revolution, vet
checked and have their first shots at the time of pickup. They also will have a 2 year
written health guarantee.
Each puppy will go home with a new blanket, toy, and a puppy pack. Her puppies are
priced at 4000.+ premium for the parti markings.
These will be sweet tempered puppies, so email Shelley soon at  519-274-9520

I will email you and book your appointments as the time comes closer to the pickup
date, which is June 30, 2018 to come to choose your puppy.
Please try to make the pickup date work into your schedule, because you get to choose your puppy
in the order that I get the deposits....so if this date doesn't work for you, you need to let me know and
you will need to book an appointment to come when the puppies are 7 weeks old and give me your
choices depending where you are on the list, because we cannot make the people after you
wait...they want their puppy on the pickup date. Remember you cannot pick till the people ahead of
you have picked their puppy.
Looking forward to meeting all of you as you take home your beautiful puppy from
Wagging Heart Kennels to enjoy for many wonderful  years.
Fill out the application to get your name on the list.

Born: April 24, 2018         Pick up date:  June 30, 2018
Sonja's 3 sweet little boys pictured at 4 weeks old!!
Sonja's 4 sweet little girls pictured at 4 weeks old!!
Wow Sonja..... your puppies are a cute as a button!!