About Us     
We are located in the heart of Huron County, near the small town of Blyth, Ontario. Raising
goldendoodles has become a family hobby.  
Our dogs enjoy getting their daily exercise romping across the farmland or swimming in the pond.  
With our 35 years of experience in breeding dogs, we have the knowledge it takes to provide
our customers with a well rounded puppy in socialization,temperament and health. We thoroughly
enjoy bringing wagging tails and happy hearts to your home. It is our desire to raise healthy
puppies and ultimately to have a happy customer. Therefore we stand behind our puppies with a
2 year written guarantee against genetic defects. See our
Guarantee for full details.

We  moved to our new location in 2014 and have built a new facility
for our beautiful dogs ,which we all are enjoying very much.
Our new address is:
John & Shelley Erb,
41980 Moncrieff Road, Morris Turnberry,
R.R.2 Blyth, Ontario
N0M 1H0
H # 519-887-8419 or C# 519-274-9520

Below are pictures of our new property and our new kennels
as it was in construction from start to finish in the fall of 2014.
Enjoy all the pictures as these men worked very hard in completing this wonderful building for us in
4 months time. They all worked together happily and enjoyed every minute of it.
"Doodles from our home to yours"
Wagging Heart

41980 Moncrieff
Road, RR2, Blyth,
ON N0M 1H0

(519) 887-8419
Email Us:
Call Us (519) 887-8419 or Email Us info@waggingheartkennels.com
Our new property in the summer, then in the winter!!
Below are pictures of the construction from Aug.-Dec. 2014... of our new facility, that we and our dogs are
now thoroughly enjoying!

Putting in the footing to set the walls on, foundation in, ready to start building.
Building the walls !!
Sealing and coating the floors.
Assemblings the dog kennels.
Dog kennels are completed, and the dogs and puppies love their new home!!!
Dog kennels and outdoor runs are completed, We...us and our dogs are enjoying our new facility!!!
Working at the landscaping!!!!
The floors are now ready  to cement!!!!
We enjoy each season of the year.

We see deer walking to our pond for a drink
behind our house, walking across our farm,
and also our lane way .

Wild turkeys gobble noisily as they strut
around looking for something to eat.

Squirrels like to steal the bird seed that I put
out for our many beautiful birds.

We see Rose Breasted Grossbeaks,lots of
Finches,and Robins,Chickadees, Bluejays,
Cardinals,Orioles, and tiny little Humming
birds, and pretty butterflies too.

The Canada Geese also like to come in the
spring to relax on our pond.
We are enjoying our new kennels for our dogs and are looking forward to planting the flowerbeds in the spring!!
Watching as the robins hatch and grow..... as they are
fed by their mothers in the spring!!
Nature is such a beautiful thing to watch!!
Here is our sitting room where you get to
spend time to play with your puppy when
you make this important decision.
When you have chosen your puppy we will
do the paperwork in our office , where you
can purchase extras for your puppy . We
have TLC dog food, and  treats,Vitamins,
earcleaner, cologne spray to make the
puppys coat soft and smell pretty,shampoo,
Training Bells, collars and leashes.
Thank you for choosing a puppy from
Wagging Heart Kennels, we hope you
enjoyed your experience out on the farm
with us. We love what we do, and want you
to have a happy heart and your puppy to
have a happy wagging tail as you take
your puppy home to enjoy for many years..
Springtime brings hundreds of Trumpeter Swans  to relax
and take a break before they head North to James Bay!!
They are a beautiful sight to see and hear!!
Beautiful sunrise after a heavy snow fall....so beautiful !!
"Wagging Heart Kennels"
Mom and her new baby fawn!!
Watching these beautiful animals roam in our back yard!!
The Canada Geese  enjoy  our beautiful overflowing
spring fed pond behind our house!! They are a
beautiful sight to see and hear!!