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Please enjoy browsing through our website, and when you have decided that Wagging Heart kennels
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We are committed to ensuring you and your family get the best suited puppy and by filling out this
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We will get back to you within the next 24-36 hours, with the next steps involved in reserving your
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Prices For Wagging Heart Kennels Puppies are as follows:
English Standard Golden Doodles 4000.+
F1 Mini Golden Doodles: 4000.+
F1b Mini Golden Doodles: 4000.+
F1b Medium Golden Doodles: 4000.+
F1b Tiny Golden Doodles: 4500.+
F1 Mini English Golden Doodles: 4000.+
Multigen Designer Golden Doodles 4000.+
All puppies with parti markings are priced at a premium individually.
Trained Golden Doodles: 995./per week for minimum of 6 weeks or
16,000.00 intensive training for 3 months
All Deposits are non- refundable.***
*** All prices include the applicable taxes.***
***Choice of puppy is given in order that we receive the Application/Deposit.***

To reserve a puppy a deposit is required. Send E-Transfer to

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We will do our very best to ensure you get the puppy you are looking for. All the
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covered in our "FAQ" page or throughout our website.

After reviewing your Application, we will get back to you shortly.You will be asked to complete
your reservation by sending a  $200. deposit in the form of a personal cheque,made out to
"Wagging Heart Kennels."or E-transfer to

Please mail it to the following address:
Wagging Heart Kennels,
o/c John & Shelley Erb,
41980 Moncrieff Road, Morris Turnberry,
R.R. 2, Blyth, Ontario
N0M 1H0
Phone# 519-887-8419

Your deposit will be applied to the purchase price of the puppy.
Your final payment is due at the time of pickup, via certified funds or cash.
All Deposits are non- refundable.
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