"Doodles from our home to yours"
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Duncan and Barkely are two brothers from Rosie and Sammy. They have the wonderful, fleecy
coats. Here's what they have to say of their beautiful dogs:

We bought 2 dogs, brothers, Duncan and Barkley in February, they are 8 1/2 months now and we
have nothing but praise for the dogs and Wagging Heart Kennels.  The kennel is immaculate.  
We picked out D & B when they were 10 weeks old.  They are the calmest dogs I have ever seen.  
By 3 months they were completely potty trained and they are so smart it is constantly just blowing
our minds.  They love kids and other dogs.  Never any aggression.  They want to be loved,
snuggled and just with you.  We take them to a dog park here in Ann Arbor Michigan and they play
for hours with other dogs, keeping their eye on Dad every minute.  They are a hit wherever we go.  
We are stopped all they time and asked about them.  They are so well behaved and besides our
training it is part of their nature.
Rosie was their mother and I would have a dozen of their pups if I could.
Shelley and her family are wonderful people.  We called on a Saturday morning and they said come
on over and we did.  We sat at the kitchen table and did the paperwork,  after that the boys got a
bath and all went without a glitch.  Yes, They are 5 star in our book.    Sincerely,      Dick
Below we have compiled a page of past customers along with their story about the
puppy they got from Wagging Heart Kennels. If you would like to speak further with
them, we can provide you with their contact information. Thanks and enjoy reading!
Wagging Heart

41980 Moncrieff
Road, RR2, Blyth,
ON N0M 1H0

(519) 887-8419
Email Us:
Hello from Sudbury,
Our sweet puppy is doing  really well. She has just tasted her first bit of snow and she loves it. She is a
beautiful pup, she was easy to train, she is so lovable always wants to be with people, so friendly with
other dogs, always wanting to say hello!  Her first summer was spent at the camp, which she loved,
loves the water although she takes sooo long too dry!  She loves our three cats, wants to play loved,
loves the water although she takes sooo long too dry!  She loves our three cats, wants to play all the
time, although they are not too kean!!  
She gives us so much enjoyment, everyone who meets her, loves her!  
The McEwen family, Sudbury, Ont
Hi Wagging Heart Kennels!
I thought I would drop you a quick note to let you know how Tucker is doing. Tucker is from
Rosie and
June 2008 litter. We can't remember life before Tucker, he has brought our family so much
joy! He weighs 45 lbs and is very smart and extremely loving to everyone he meets. He is always happy,
and goes everywhere with us. We are looking forward to taking him camping with us this summer, he'll
love it! Everyone that meets Tucker falls in love with him.    Jennifer
I thought you would like to hear about the best dog in the whole world.  Notably by best we are referring
only to his looks as his behaviour is very much exemplified by the ‘a spoiled rotten goldendoodle lives
most commonly identified as ‘leave Lokia alone!’ (Lokia is his little Scottish Terrier sister that he plays
Son of Georgie and Buttons Augustus is supposed to be a miniature but obviously
takes after his mom and now weights an impressive 52 pounds shortly after his first birthday; what can
we say he just kept growing.  Augie has no manners, no patience and obviously from the first two
statements very little discipline and training.  He is simply too irresistibly cute to say no too.  It really is a
problem how adorably perfect his looks are.  We try to train him into being a better behaved boy (he
loves people and shows doesn’t hide the fact) and all you can do is smile at him as he stares you down
with those floppy ears and pink tongue.  You should not have labelled him ‘Male number 1’ because it
has obviously gone to his head since birth and now we have to deal with the consequences.  We love
him but how could you not – seriously look at him!      Tyson, Greg, and Daisy

news about Kelsey in so
long.I'm sure you have been
wondering how she is.  She
is wonderful!  The boys love
her so much.  She is now
really a part of our family.  
My parents and nephew and
niece love her too.  She is
simply adorable.  I have had
several people stop to ask
what kind of dog she is and I
more than one person, so
hopefully some business will
come your way.
Thank you again for
allowing Kelsey to come into
our lives.  I have attached a
picture of the boys with
Kelsey at Christmas.  Take
care.   Lisa
I have a great Mom and Dad who love me very much and take special care of me.I also have a little for
After I came home Feb.2008 ,I was enrolled in McCann's Head Start Program.I was the cutest puppy
there and passed with flying colours.I graduated from Grade 1 with excellent marks.I am ready to
graduate from Grade 2 already.
I am very popular in my neighbourhood.People stop their cars on the road to come and see me.I love
distance.Sometimes I take a walk in another neighbourhood, so I can take a long walk without stopping
to see everyone I know.Everyone thinks I am very good looking,I tell them I take after you and Dad!!!
I am groomed quite regularly ,as I like my face hair short so I can see.The snow sticks to me in the
winter when my hair is longer and Mom calls me her snoodle!!
I also love to go to our cottage,which is on a 10 acre island.It's great to run around here all by myself. I
do swim, but would rather run around in the shallow water on the shore.
I have 2 good friends that I play with in the neighbourhood,named Bobby and Stan. I stay at their place
sometimes when Mom and Dad go away, and they are so impressed at my wonderful temperament,
and that I follow commands so well.
All in all I have a wonderful life with Mom and Dad. Mom is a "stay home Mom", so I'm not alone very
much to get lonely, and I am definately part of the Family.I get included in the family pictures,(I feel so
special!!)My overseas  relatives think I'm the cutest and so well behaved to pose for the pictures.They
always ask about me in their cards and letters.
I hope you have a Happy Mother's Day, you gave me such a good start and I want to thank so much.
Mom and Dad wanted to tell you how great I am,I was easily trained as a puppy, am not demanding,
follow commands well,and  have such a wonderful temperament.  I am their first pet and they say I
have adjusted very well into their lifestyle.I have never been destructive and didn't have many
accidents.Everyone loves having me around and is very impressed with me.They have given many
many people the name of my first home.Everyone who meets me thinks Miniture Golden Doodles are
the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Your loving Son,
Dexter Everest Rendall
Sent by my Mom---Elizabeth
Duncan and Barkley!
looking as every.Wow! Duncan and Barkley you are sooo Gorgeous!!

Hello Everyone,  Well the boys are 2 1/2 now and cuter than ever.  We moved to a new home
with a big fenced in yard, so they can be off the lease and they still love their walks, they have to
visit their friends you know!!  The new neighborhood knows Duncan and Barkley and then there
is me the lady with pink "poop" bags!  HAHA  They keep me walking too.
Hard to tell them apart the older they get.  They are such great boys.  Duncan my communicator
and Barkley the smaller quiet boy.  They are so snuggley and sweet.  They are really Momma's
boys and daddy's boys.  Duncan seemed moppy when Dick and pups went up north for a
doodle reunion. (Missed his Mom) We have friends/family that have doodles.  There were 5
doodles and a golden retriever.  They have so much fun together that the kids dubbed it the
"Doodle Reunion" and they insist we have one every year.
WE are so crazy over the boys.  We are so glad we came to see you that Saturday morning.
Fondly Kathy and Dick
(Duncan left and Barkley right.)
LOVES to be around other pets both cats and dogs!  He recently spent two weeks at a doggie
camp while Glenn and I were in Europe, this is an open facility that does not kennel the dogs
instead they allow them to play with one another both indoors and out.  He became friends with
everyone and even found himself a girlfriend (a female goldendoodle)!!  J  Everybody just loves
Tobey when the meet him and he turns heads wherever we go!  I have to say he is definitely a
handsome fellow!  He has also been very easy to train, he knows he is only allowed his treats
and bones on his pillow, he knows he has to stop at the door for feet cleaning before he comes
inside and he knows his brother and sister (two cats) are not play toys; he respects their space
and only gives them lots of kisses!!!

Anyway, we just wanted to say that you should be proud of this little guy!  He has turned out to
be a wonderful addition to our lives!  Thank you for the warmth you both have given us during
the process of choosing Tobey.  Oh, I should mention….Tobey must have learned at a really
young age from all the photos you took of him how to pose for pictures.  He is such a poser and
loves to get his picture taken.  Please enjoy the pictures we are sending and send all our love
to your family.
Hugs….    Glenn, Mary and Tobey!
say.  She is also a sounds so much like walk, and is only used for when we are going to have a walk.
When Mitchell (our oldest) comes home from high school she goes and hugs him (puts her paws on his
legs) and then often does some "talking" as though she is telling him about her day and asking him
about his.  Mitchell adores this.
The funniest though is if and when the boys come down at night when they are suppose to be in bed.  
This is when Kelsey helps us parent.  She will get up and slowly walk over  and begins to make little
whinning sounds which go on for a while.  Then the tone gets a little louder and sometimes ends in a
soft little bark.  It is in no way aggressive or menacing.  It is exactly as though she is trying to say "you
should be in bed now, you are not suppose to be down here.  Now off to bed you go!"  

they come.  It is the cutest thing.  My sister thinks I am crazy when I told her she smiles, but now my
parents have seen it and agree that she does.  She only does it for people she loves.

Thank you again for allowing Kelsey to be part of our lives.  She has been a blessing to us.  My health
is still not good and she has been a great comfort to me.  Often when I am not well and lying on the
couch she comes to sit right by the couch and will lie down there with me.  She is a good companion.
We hope that your family is well and wish you a Merry Christmas.
Lisa-Marie and Family
Here is a picture of our smart
Kelsey surfing the internet
watching dog videos online!  
Mitchell took the picture.
The Holmes Family
Here are a few photos from Sunny on his daily walk.He is a puppy from Sungha X BeJay. He
is with us where ever we go and a favourite with all our friends, neighbours and clients. He is a
real joy and healthy!!!! We will sent you more We hope you have a very merry christmas.
All the best,Heike and Stefan.
PS. We recommend you, people ask us all the time where Sunny came from.
Read what Nora from Prince Edward Island has to say about her puppy:
I don't know where the time goes!!  Ever since I picked up my "Maizie" from your kennel almost
2 years ago I have planned to send you some pictures of her.  You will remember me -- the older
Prince Edward Island woman who flew up to Ontario to pick her up on March 21st 2009.  My
daughter Ellen was with me at the time.
I just wanted you to know that the puppy from your kennel has worked out really well for me. Her
parents were
Buttons and Flame. She is sweet looking (she gets lots of compliments, especially
about her gorgous curley coat of hair!!)  Also, many people ask what breed she is and where I
got her.  She has fitted very well into my active lifestyle -- she is very much my companion when I
snowshoe and cross country ski in the wintertime, and swim, kayak and boat in the
summertime.  My daily routine revolves around a couple of longer walks with her every day.  The
older she gets (she was 2 yesterday) the more obedient she becomes. She is very well
socialized with both people and other dogs.  I truly love her!!
Hi John and Shelly!
She was the puppy from
Buttons and Flame born in 2009.   She is such a joy to have in our
family and has made the last 2 years so much fun.
Maggie is doing great and is loving all the snow we have here in Oakville. She loves it so
much it is hard to get her back in the house some days.
And other the last summer we discovered that Maggie is quite the swimmer, she loves the
water and even has her own pool in our backyard that she loves to lay in on hot summer days.
Any ball is her favourte thing, if it can be thrown she will chase it!
From your website I see your puppy business has grown, Congratulations!!  
I have attached a few photos for you to see our Maggie.
Take care ,
Jennifer, Manny, Olivia and of course Maggie!