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What a Sweetheart!
This is Zoey, an F1b Miniature Goldendoodle from Missy and Teddy. She has turned out to be a
beautiful dog only weighing 18 pounds at almost a year old.
Hi Erb's,   I thought I would send you an update and some new pics of Zoey.  Zoey continues to be an
amazing dog.  She is 17lbs – 18lbs of might.  Very, very smart and quickly learns anything that we
teach her.  She is gentle and very social with people and other dogs.  She is extremely agile and
absolutely loves to run.  I play fetch with her almost daily and she can go for hours if I didn’t tire out.  
Surprisingly enough, she is turning out to be quite a little watch dog, always aware but never
annoying. Feel free to post these pics on your site.  I would love to see some recent pictures of Zoey’s
littermates if you can arrange it.  Just curious to see how they look compared to Zoey.
Have a great day.Peter Bou-Ghannam
Below we have compiled a page of past customers along with their story about the
puppy they got from Wagging Heart Kennels. If you would like to speak further with
them, we can provide you with their contact information. Thanks and enjoy reading!
More pictures of Zoey...
Opal, you are so adorable!
Opal is a fine F1B Miniature Goldendoodle with an excellent
temperament. Here is what her owner has to say:

Hello Erb's   Thought I would send you an update on Opal. We picked
her up on February 3 and she is doing great and such a honey. She
just loves everyone she meets. She had a haircut yesterday so she
sure looks different. I must say I loved the long hair look and I am sure
it will be back in no time. She weighs 17 lbs now so is growing fast. I
see from your website that things are going very good for you folks
and I am sure you will have a great summer
.All the best Vida Hart
Tla is an F1 Mini from Seneca and Teddy. Here's
what her owners have to say:

Hi Guys,   Just thought I'd send you some pictures of
TIa who is now nearly 6 months old. She was one of

Seneca and Teddy's
litters.  She has been a
wonderful addtion to our family, she makes us laugh
so much. We think she is going through the terrible
twos at the moment she chews everything that she
can get her paws on that doesn't belong to her, we
have to watch her like a hawk. She also loves to sit in
puddles of muddy water. Her coat is lovely and
shaggy and very easy to comb, even when it's full of
burrs. She weighs approx 19 lb, and is about 15
inches tall. We have 3 cats, only one of which will
play with her, but she does enjoy chasing them. She
is a very friendly dog both with humans and other
dogs. I take her to work with me every day, and she
sits very quietly for most of the time. Thanks    Kath
Hooson & Family
Teddybear Tla!
Winnie and Crosby are F1B Minis from Missy and Teddy.
There family is in love with them and this is what  they have to say:

Hi Erbs,    My pleasure, I have been meaning to write for some time to tell you what a joy it is to have
Winnie and Crosby as part of our family.    We did a fair bit of research about raising a brother/sister pair
and we are big advocates of it now.   The initial training involved more time to allow us to work with each
of them individually, and together, but it was well worth it.  They have so much fun together playing and
chasing each other in the backyard.  Sometimes they carry their romp and play into the house but they
respond well to “settle down”.   They both have very unique personalities.  Crosby is a bit more
independent, prefers to lay by himself on the floor, and loves to chase squirrels.  Winnie loves attention,
will sleep or cuddle on anyone’s lap indefinitely and is always happy to greet other dogs and people, as
displayed by the ‘big wiggle’.   Both of them have tried swimming but Crosby seems to like the water
more.  At 7 months they weigh 28 lbs.  Here are some pictures of them just under 3 months, 4 months
and 6 months.   Kind regards,  Pam
Ashley is a F1 Mini from Fudge and Teddy.  Dorothy thinks she is a great companion and pet.

Hi Erb's!   Here are some pictures of Ashley, taken at 20 weeks and weighing 16 and a half pounds.  
She is a real cutie, very loving and believes that everyone in the world is her best friend. She is full
of energy and can run like the wind and jumps like she is on springs!  She is completely potty
trained, and aside from a compulsion to chew shoes, has not destroyed anything in the house.  She
knows all the key words  - walk, car, treat,supper, come {most of the time}  bed, etc. etc.  I would
love to know how any of her brothers and sisters are doing.  
We'll be in touch again soon.   You have certainly been busy with many new litters since Ashley was
born in Feb.
Warm regards,   Dorothy
Happy is a F1 Mini from Fudge and Teddy. Her owners are so "happy" with her!

Hi Erb's -   We picked up our puppy the day before Easter Sunday, her name is Happy. And it is the perfect
name for her as she is always happy. Even when she had her shots and cried, her tail was still wagging.  I
am not sure where to start in capturing all of the great qualities of Happy so I will start with a list:  Happy is
patient even with my 4 year daughter who sometimes loves Happy a little too much or is too rough. Happy
doesn't complain, nip or show any aggression at all.  No food aggression even when my kids take the bowl
from Happy while she is eating and feed her one kibble at a time. Happy loves the extra attention. Happy is,
well happy all the time. Her tail is always wagging and is eager to meet all pets and owners in the
neighbourhood . Happy is sensitive, so if there are loud noises or if the kids argue, Happy is upset and will
go to her crate.  Happy is submissive in when ever she greets anyone (dog or human) she lowers her body
into a crawl position, head down and flips onto her belly. As soon as she assesses the person/dog is
friendly or the greeting is over, she is up and ready to play or jump. Happy has never shown any
aggression or anger to any other dogs and is not scared of other dogs regardless of size. Happy is
extremely smart. She potty trained quickly (outside) with few accidents. We were using a bell for when she
wants to go outside. Happy also figured out how to open my gate in the backyard. Our backyard is fenced
and so while she was outside this afternoon she jumped up to hit the latch to open the gate. Our neighbour
saw her escape, caught her and placed her back in our yard, secured the gate and watched her open it
again. I need a new latch. :-)
Happy learned sit, down, down-stay, come, lets go, out (for my garden!), no thank you (for when she has
something like a shoe or toy in her mouth) and we are now working on heel. Happy has never chewed
through a shoe or furniture. If she wants attention she will pick up something she knows she is not allowed
to have just for the attention .Happy rarely barks, likes to play fetch and will ay by my feet while I am
working. We love her and she is a lovely dog with a great disposition. We get compliments all the time ...
one man at the dog park just couldn't get over that Happy came to me when I called her even though she
was playing with three other dogs! My only complaint is that she has eaten all of my flowers and trampled
the plants. I guess that is part of puppyhood! :-) I have included a few pictures of Happy. The earliest
picure we have of Happy of when she first came to out house. She looks so sweet and still has a bit of a
pink nose. The next few pictures are recent. She is beautiful.  Brenda
Wagging Heart

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Abby is from Goldie and Teddy.
She is gorgeous! Her owner sent
a few pictures and a quick note:

One of many photos we have
taken of Abby, she is now 9
months and full of energy! We
Marty McFly!
Marty flew in by airplane and arrived safe and sound in early March 2007. We heard that goldendoodles
are easy to train and Marty was no exception.  He was eager to please and quick to learn.  We put him in
puppy kindergarten classes which helped with the pounds. He is a "people" dog - we take him to our
relatives' houses for visits, to play with the kids and other pets. He is very affectionate, loves to cuddle,
give kisses and of course his favourite is when he gets a belly rub!  Most people who meet Marty tell us
that he looks just like a Gund bear.  All we know is that we love him dearly and are so glad that he is part
of our family. Thanks again Wagging Heart Kennels for everything.  We'll keep you up-to-date on his
Take care,  Robin and Lauren
Hi Erb's      I just wanted to give you an update on Scruffy.   Scruffy was the mini doodle puppy of Rosie
and Sammy
born really turned into the perfect family pet we hoped he would be.  He is so pleasant to
have around and loves being with the family (and of course, we love being with him).  He loves to
snuggle with the kids on the couch, play in the backyard or just relax in his favorite Dora chair.  People
are constantly commenting on what a beautiful, well behaved, good-natured dog he is.   He was a star
in puppy class and was labelled as an overachiever by the instructor.   She was amazed with his ability
to obey commands and walk with a loose leash, especially at such a young age.  He loves to play,
especially with other dogs (and even a few cats!) and there is not an aggressive bone in his little body.  
We take him weekly to a local doggy daycare so he can play with his buddies and have some fun.  He
comes home exhausted and sleeps the rest of the night.   Thankfully, he is very tolerant of children.  
We have lots of traffic in our home and he greets everyone with a wag of his tail and a lick on the hand,
and will whine at the door when he needs to go out.  We like to thank everyone for providing us with
such a wonderful addition to our family and will send you a further update at one year.
Sorry for the delay in sending you photos of our beautiful puppy, Jake. I cant believe that a year
has almost past since we got him. He is so loved by our daughters and ourselves. He is a family
member now! He loves to swim in our pool and go for walks and play fetch. He is so smart and
well behaved - we love immensely! We would gladly refer people to your kennels in a heartbeat.
Thank you so much for our beautiful dog.
Yours truly,Shannon  Barrie, Ontario
Simply adorable!
Crosby & Winnie!
Hope you and your family had a great Christmas and a Happy  New Year .
I’m just sending a Missy up-date….She now weighs 20 pounds ….I’m hoping she won’t get much bigger.
The Vet thinks she’ll be anywhere from 24 to 28 pounds. I think she’ll be 34 pounds. She has graduate
gives paw, other paw, high five, down, rollover, Leave it ,drop it (even food), stay and is now in the
process of learning on your feet………What can I say!!!!!!!   She is absolutely awesome. Her parents  are
Missie and BeJay.  I’m sending a few pictures.
I’ll send you an update again in a couple of months.
My Sammy is now old and this will probably be his last year according to the vet….I know I can never
replace him and Missy absolutely adores him but I’ve always had two dogs…so maybe next year I’ll be
visiting you again for another doodle.
Take care.
Sofia Oliveira ( proud owner of Missy Doodle) as we now call her.
P.S …..her best buddy is the Pomeranian J
Hi Shelley,
It was almost 10pm when we brought him home. My daughter names him "meat ball". He is such
wonderful dog.His parents are
Missie and BeJay.Without any training, he knows go to stool when walk
him outsite. Meatball loves running and playing on the snow with my kids!  
I will send you some more pictures later.
Regards,    Lever

This little boy from Manitoba got this puppy for Christmas!!!!
Read what they have to say:
Hi Shelley – Cooper is doing pretty good. His parents are
Tulip and Teddy. He is still having the odd
accident in the house but we are working on that, for the most part he goes outside.  He goes in his
kennel no problem.  He absolutely loves my parents dog and wants soo much to play with him.  He is
quite the piglet though when it comes to feeding.  I have been giving him about a cup in the morning and
a cup in the evening.   He is very sweet and quite loving and very tolerant.  Ayden just loves him !!  I have
attached a couple pictures from Christmas!!!
Regards,   Jaime
happy with her disposition, she is just adorable. She hasn’t barked, ignores the cats, loves to
play with the little Pomeranian and got along perfectly with Prince.
Just another quick up-date…(3weeks later)Missy has  done her first class of puppy training and
you would be so proud. She was the best puppy there! She was calm and obedient.
Thank you for helping me pick out such a good puppy couldn’t be happier.
Here are a couple of pictures below of Missy and her new life!
Yours Truly,   Sofia
This is Female #4 that moved to Oakville.
Prince and Missy
"Missy Doodle" you are
so Beautiful!!!!!!
Desty and Missy
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"Bronson" (Cara & Feather's male # 3) is now 6 months old and weighs
between 35 - 36 lbs.  He is still without a doubt the World'sFriendliest Dog!
Have a wonderful summer.  Denise and Bob
Hi John & Shelley!
I'm 5 1/2 months old now and I weigh 32 lbs as of last night.
My Parents are Tangles X Feather. I'm a
very good girl, I'm very smart and my forever family absolutely loves me so much.  I'm the belle of the
ball and everyone tells my family how cute I am.  I love my 12 year old canine brother, Booker,  but be
doesn't love me as much as I love him.  He tolerates me when I lick him to death at every chance I get
and follow him around like a shadow so I can learn new things but, that's about it for his love for me.  I
like to be silly and play "keepsies" with various items (hand towels, sandals, hats, shirts, etc).  I like to
steal them when nobody is looking then, I proudly trot around the house with the items in my mouth.  I
don't chew them or destroy them; I just carry them around the house with me.
I was crate trained very easily and I like sleeping in my "house" with my blankets and teething bones.  I
sleep best when a blanket covers the door of my house and I can sleep from 9:30pm-5:30am without a
problem.  I've also learned "come", "sit",  "down", "wait", "easy" (when someone is giving me a treat) and
"leave it" (when my food is poured into my dish and I need to wait before they tell me I can have it).  I'm
house-trained now but, never got the hang of ringing the bell at the door to go out.  Booker learned it
quickly at his old age but, I'm more interested in chewing the bell and trying to pull it off the doorknob.  
I'm still working on "heel" when I walk but, I'm just so excited and I want to sniff everything.  My job in the
morning is to wake up Ryan and Brandon so I jump on their beds to climb all over them, lick their faces
and nibble their ears - they love it!  I love my boys and I'm sad when they leave for school so I run to the
living room window and watch them walk across the street to the school.  Pauline goes for a run in the
mornings then, she comes back to get me and takes me with her on the last 1km of her run.  I'm very
good at trotting beside her while I hold a piece of my leash in my mouth.  While everyone is at school
during the day, my grandma or grandpa come to let me out and have a play around 11am then, Ryan
comes home for lunch at 1pm and then, both boys come home from school at 3pm so I'm never in my
crate longer than 2-2.5 hours.  I also love going to my cottage!  I wear my seatbelt in the truck but, tend
to get car sick and need to take kid's Gravol before we leave the house.
I had an incident a few weeks ago when my family was away and I was at my auntie's house for the
weekend.  I inhaled two socks and they got stuck in my belly for a few days.  Booker has inhaled
hundreds of socks in his lifetime and always vomits them up after 48  hour so Pauline thought I might do
the same.  My family became worried after a day and a half because I just wasn't myself, didn't want to
play and wanted to stretch out on the floor to make my belly feel better. Pauline brought me to the vet
and Dr. Marquette found that I had a slight temperature from being in distress and my belly hurt when
she pressed on it.  She recommended that I be spayed the next morning, at which time, she would
extend the incision to do an "exploration & retraction" procedure.  Luckily, I vomited up the socks early
the next morning and I only had to be spayed.  Dr. Marquette was still concerned and didn't want to
close me up without checking the tissue of my belly and my intestines so she did a free "exploration"
procedure and found that everything was okay and I was still very healthy.
Attached are some pictures of me.  Thank you, John & Shelley, for taking such good care of me when I
was a tiny puppy. I'll be sure to send you more updates as I grow and more stories about my
adventures!  Love, Maddy xoxo   (Pauline Laforest)
Tatyanna Tavares
Dear Wagging Heart Kennels.....I thought I would send you a testimonial 5 yrs later.  Jasper was son of
Seneca and Teddy
born October 28, 2008.  Jasper lives near Midland, Ontario and has over an acre
of forested property to run around.  Jasper loves to go for walks, camping, swimming and retrieve balls
thrown into the forest and sticks thrown into the lake.  His ability to find his ball thrown so far into the
forest is nothing but amazing.  Jasper is a great watch dog as he is the first to know someone has
arrived home and is quick to notify us with his loud bark.  Jasper is everyone's friend once he knows
the person.  Sometimes he is timid for the first few minutes around strangers but then makes friends.  
Jasper is smart, well-mannered, loved by friends and family and a loyal family member.  Our family has
changed over the 5 years as 2 of Jasper's human brothers have gone off to school but he still has one
The only issue with Jasper is he seems to get a skin rash every fall at the end of the summer swim The
only issue with Jasper is he seems to get a skin rash every fall at the end of the summer swim season.  
We are so pleased to have our healthy canine 5 years later as our first family dog was diagnosed with
cancer before 5 years of age and that was extremely difficult (different kennel and bred).  We have
heard more then once that Jasper is the perfect dog because of his size, his coat and demeanour and
if that person ever got a dog they would want one just like Jasper.  So thank you.  SIncerely The
Dear wagging heart, just a couple of photos of our Lucy. She loves to sit on our deck chairs and
relax on our bed. She is a loveable 9 month old mini golden doodle. She loves to play and run away
with our socks. She has trained well, walks on leash and makes us smile every
day. She has brought great comfort to my wife as shortly after we got Lucy, my wife was diagnosed
with breast cancer. Our Lucy has stayed by her side through all her necessary, and continuing,
treatments.  We truly love our Lucy, thank you
Rosemary & Fred Jones, Guelph
Hi Shelly, I just came across your
email and thought I would send you
a quick update.I have attached a
picture of our girl.  It is not a really
recent one but it is one of our
favourites.  We have named our
puppy Hics.  When we first brought
her home she got the hiccups
frequently after she ate.  She still
gets them from time to time.  She is
a great dog and we love her.  She
is 26 lbs and 6 months old.  We will
keep in touch to let you know how
big she gets once full grown.
Take care. Suzanne Stewart
Hi Shelley. I hope and trust you and your family had a very merry christmas and, from our house to
your house, we wish you a healthy and happy new year.
It's been VERY busy in our house with our new puppy, Levi. He's now just a bit over 9 pounds, a
growing but definitely a very happy concern. Levi loves the snow, is working hard to get house and
crate trained, and is a joy in every sense of the word.
Here's a couple of pictures... we will send you a few more shortly.
All the best!! John, for Leslie, Jenna and Oliver LaRose.