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Teddy is a F1 mini Golden Doodle from Goldie and Teddy.Here's what they have to say of
their beautiful dog.

We picked up Teddy at the end of January 2007.  He learned very quickly and house-breaking him
was very easy!  We "paper-trained" him from the time he arrived at our home and we have had only
a few accidents at the start.  When he has to go out, he goes to the garage door and barks.  He has
graduated from Grade 1 at McCann's and will be enrolled in Grade 2 in the Fall.  He loves going for
walks and has become quite the conversation piece in Grimsby.  He picks up large sticks along the
way and walks with them in his mouth (retriever!).  He is great with children and is very friendly
towards everyone he meets.  He has become a regular fan at our son's baseball games.   Teddy is 8
months old now and weighs approximately 36 lbs.  His colour has changed over time - he has always
had the dark retriever-like ears with more poodle hair on his head and a darker retriever-like coat
along his back.  He has a weakness for socks and dryer sheets!!  He has two distinct barks - at times
he barks like a retriever and then other times he barks like a mini poodle - it depends what the issue
We are enjoying our furry addition!  We will send more photos as he grows older.
The Lutz family, Grimsby
Below we have compiled a page of past customers along with their story
about the puppy to speak further with them, we can provide you with their
contact information.   Thanks and enjoy  reading!
Hi Erb's,   I hope that you and your family are well.  I thought I would send you a quick hello from
Oakville.  It has been almost two months since  Tobey came home with me and I just have to say, I
never thought I  
could love an animal as much as I love him.  He is such a lovely dog  with such a wonderful
personality.  He is wonderful with people of all ages - even children in my family as young as 13
months.  I have just  
moved into a house with a nice backyard and Tobey is thrilled to have  such a big yard to explore.  I
work from home and I absolutely love  his company all day long.  It was a big adjustment from my
quiet  household, but I wouldn't change it for the world.  He is growing up so quickly I thought I would
send some great photos I have of him.  I  took him to the vet this week and he said that he thought he
was an  excellent and very healthy dog.  He is quite the flirt at Starbucks - - - he gets so much
attention!  My nephews want to "borrow" him to  meet girls!For sure next year I'm going to get a
brother or sister for Tobey.  I  
think a second dog in the house will be great fun so I'll keep an eye  on your upcoming litters!
All the best,     Natalie (and Tobey)
Maggie is a F1 mini from Fudge and Teddy. She has been a great addition to the Kirkwood
family. Here's what they have to say:

We are doing well...Maggie was just spayed last week and sailed through it....she is a wonderful addition
to our family...however we should have called her Shredder because she certainly has an affinity for
paper/tissue/napkins etc!!  ...she is very comical and is right at home here with her people!!  She is a
little smaller than I thought she would be at only 22lbs at 6 months.  Perhaps she'll keep growing still but
she is a whole lot of fun and fur!!  She definitely has the teddy bear look...
Many thanks and I'll send more pics later.
The Kirkwoods
Tango is a F1 Mini from Goldie and Teddy. Here's what his owners have to say:
Hi Erb's,  I hope this email finds you well.  You had asked us to give you an update on Tango, and to
send you a few pictures of him, so here you go!  How are the other puppies from the litter?  Have you
sold them all?  Any left?  We have a lot of compliments of him,He has also started some puppy
obedience classes.  He loved seeing and meeting all the dog owners (people), but he was very shy
with the other dogs...weird because he is not shy with my parents' dog!  He likes to nip and bite a lot,
so we have lots of chew toys for him and we hope that the obedience classes, as well as the end of
the teething process will stop this bad habit.  He is almost house broken.  He asks for the door the
majority of the time, and he has only had 2 accidents in the house since we got him.  We are using the
crate training method and it is working very well.  Kind regards,  Nadine, Denis & Tango
Wagging Heart

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Kallie is a F1 Mini Goldendoodle from Buttons and Teddy. Her family loves her and brings
them lots of joy and happiness. Here is what they have to say:
F1 Mini Goldendoodle. Her mom is Buttons and her dad is Teddy. We brought Kallie home in mid July
2007 and since day one she's been a highlight in my life. Kallie is an energetic handful and I do mean
this is the best possible way. She loves to retrieve frisbees, balls and every kind of toy made for
adventurous puppies.  She adapted to our life amazingly well, travelling to camp in the boat on her 2nd
day with us. She got used to our 10 year old dog within the first few days and learned to swim, retrieve
and play right away. Kallie went to obedience, got her first haircut, tried on boots and sweaters, and
discovered snow this year and she's rough and tumble playful every step of the way. She loves other
dogs, loves to play, prances down the road in -20 degrees gleefully and will kiss you to wake you up in
bed and her best friend is a cat named Samuel. Kallie fits me to a tee and I am thankful for her every
day!  I've included some pictures of camp, cuddling after swimming, playing in the grass and other
highlights from the summer. She's 8 months and 28lbs now and I hope to have more updates soon.
Thanks for everything,    Cheryl
Archie is a F1 mini Golden Doodle from Buttons and Teddy. He has a beautiful fleece coat.
His family is very thrilled with him. This is what they have to say:
To the  Erb Family,   I have been meaning to write and send some pictures of Archie for a while now.
We picked Archie up July 14/07 he is a F1 mini his mum is Buttons and dad is Teddy. He’s a great
addition to our family; my two boys 15 & 18 just love him to pieces.  Archie is doing extremely well; he’s
ten months old and weighs almost 40lbs. He is truly the cutest puppy I’ve ever seen … and very
sociable, loves other dogs and people too,  when we’re out he just wants to say hello to everybody he
sees. I think he has more of the retriever then a poodle in him … no shedding though and that a huge
bonus. On our walks he’s always looking for sticks, empty water bottles or anything he can fit in his
We have already recommended Wagging Hearts to one family and they too are very pleased with their
Best regards,     Tina from Ottawa !
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
These owners are so happy with him. This is what they have to say to you:
We simply love our dog. The puppy we acquired from you was male #1 from the litter that Indy and
had in September 2007. The name "Indy" was the only one we could all agree too so it stuck.
He is just over 6 months old now at weighs in at just over 22 Lbs.He is very active and loves the snow.
Weekend's at the cottage with him and hikes through the forest are a favorite. Training this dog was
indeed a pleasure. He only took 11 days to become reliably house trained and within a few months he
had all the basic commands down (sit, stay, heel...). Although I cannot quite walk him without a leash
yet (he still breaks when we encounter other people and dogs) it is getting close. He does not need to
be tied when let out of the house. I can command him to sit/stay in the back yard, run to the front yard
and call him from there -- this is great. We are all anxious to see how he likes the open water this
spring. He has already help himself into the bath tub once while it was being filled, so I quite am sure
he will. The retriever instinct is quite obvious in the way he plays fetch and loves to collect socks from
the laundry. I have included several images and a short clip taken in early January.
Best Regards,Ed from Ottawa
A few months later...
Hi Erbs,  Indy turns 10 months in a few days so I though I would send you some more pictures. He is a
natural in the water as expected. A few weeks ago at our lake, I set him into the water and held him
until his feet started paddling then off he went... and stayed out for 5 minutes until I called him back in.
Pretty amazing for for a first swim. He also likes touring in the canoe. I think he is around 33 lbs or so --
still a very nice size.      Ed from Ottawa
Lola is a F1b mini from Missie and Copper. Her owners love her so much they would like
another one! Read on to see what they say...

Hi guys,    Just sending you a few pictures of our lola wynn doherty.  She was born last June 12th
from Missy and Copper.  She's absoulutely adorable and we hope to get her a sister when we move
into a bigger house.  She absoulutely loves other dogs and jumps all over my parents' lab whenever
she sees him.  She's such a cuddler and likes to be held like a child.  Everyone says she's part
human....and we treat her like our daughter. We can't wait to get another one .  Crystal and Kyle
Cooper is a F1 Mini from Rosie and Sammy. Just look at that fleecy coat!

Hi Erb's,   It's been a while since I've sent you some pictures… He's such a good dog - everyone
who meets him wants to take him home. He's great in the car, on the boat, and now has full run of
the house. He's experienced a lot of doggie firsts over the past 8 months… here's a few pics. Feel
free to use these for anyone who is inquiring about what they look like when they're older.     
"Chevy" lives in New Foundland
There are no words to describe the amount of joy he's brought to our family. Thanks soo much !!
Hi Erb Family,
My name is Michaela Biltekoff. My husband, David, and I have one of your dogs. We got the smallest
puppy  of the littler, and her size is perfect for us. We just wanted to thank you and send you a
picture of her...so attached is a picture of Lola!
Michaela and David
Little Maggie!
10 weeks old.
Chevy's parents are Buttons X Flame,he was bornJan 25/09,and he lives in New Foundland.Chevy's
anymore because at around 6am every morning he's waking us up so he can "go pee." Ever since
asleep in bed with my daughter Emily.I can't tell you how many people have approached us
wondering what kind of dog he is and I can't tell you how many people I've told about
"Wagging Heart Kennels "!
Hi Shelley, Here is an update, Chevy is now 15 months old,here are the pictures I promised to send.
I'll never forget the first conversation we had over the phone and you said, "a dog will certainly help
your children get organized." Well there couldn't be truer words than those !! All the toys stay in the
playroom or Chevy will eat them. Nobody leaves socks on the floor anymore either... I can't tell you
how many Star Wars figurines and socks Chevy has chewed to pieces!! He's 40lbs of pure love !
He'll come to you and give hugs and kisses without even being asked to and he loves to give cuddles
and be cuddled. His favorite place to go is Bowring Park. You can't even mention the place until
you're ready to go or he'll follow you around the house with this goofy way he has until you are
ready to go...LOL ! There are no words to describe the amount of joy he's brought to
our family. Thanks soo much !!       Take care, Mandi
We just wanted to write to you and tell you what a wonderful puppy our Rusty is!  We have had many
dogs....and Rusty is right up there with the best of them!  He has been wonderful to train.  Very smart
He's been going to puppy school,  which he loves, and  he is now 4 months old and he's fully house
litter, he may hit 40 or more lbs....We'll see....He still has his puppy coat, but so far no signs of
shedding.  His coat is very fleecy and super soft.
He fussed liked crazy the first night in his crate and then settled right in.  He has slept through the
night since the third night.  Never once did he pee in his crate and he's really had very few accidents
in the house.  He LOVES his toys and romping in the yard with his "big brother" Max the Golden
Retriever.  What makes Rusty so wonderful is his delightful nature.  He is an absolute sweetheart!
Thanks so much for such a fantastic little character.  I would highly recommend Wagging Heart
Kennels since we have just the best puppy ever!
Here's a picture of our little Rusty Roo,
Big Teddy!
Fleecy Cooper!
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