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F1b Medium Golden Doodles puppies for sale.

Missie has given birth to 4 gorgeous little puppies, there  is 1
male, and 3 females. Missie is our small standard F1
golden doodle ,that is  extremely loving,and so kind and
passionate. She loves the snow and loves to play with any
dog no matter what size. She loves to be by your side, and
yet loves to run and play with you. Her puppies will have the
same calm nature and will make a wonderful family pet for
many years. BeJay has the same friendly personality that's
why we chose to mate these two dogs together, because
we knew this would be exactly what you are looking for. Her
puppies will be dewormed, microchipped, shampooed,and
treated with Revelution...which covers fleas ,ticks,and
heartworm,and come with a nice puppy pack,and a  2year
written guarantee.
They are priced at 2500.
Her puppies will be F1b Medium Golden Doodles,
and will weigh aprox.25-38 lbs. as adults.

Born: December 21,2013   Pickup date: Feb. 15, 2014
Call Us (519) 347-2601 or Email Us info@waggingheartkennels.com
Missie is a super good Mom and loves her dear little family.
She lovingly cares for them everyday.
Her puppies are pictured here at 6 weeks old.
Missie's puppies are now all sold, and waiting till they are
old enough to go to their forever new homes.
Wagging Heart Kennels from Ohio.  
I am ready to give you outstanding
puppies, since I've completed and
passed all of my tests. I weigh 11 lbs. I
stand 12 1/2 inches at the shoulders.
Keep watching for exciting news about
me!! If you are interested in my
offspring contact us by email or by
phone.Check out the upcoming litters
I am the reddest poodle here at
Wagging Heart Kennels, and plan to
produce the most breathe taking
puppies you have ever seen, because
of my beautiful thick and soft coat, and
wonderful friendly temperament!!!
AKC Extended Pedigree
AKC Registration Certificate
CKC Registartion Certificate
OFA Hip and Elbow Report
OFA Cardiac Certificate
Males :
Reservation #1~ Newfoundland (M#1)

Reservation #1~ Montreal  (F #2)
Reservation #2~ Toronto (F #3)
Reservation #3~
Male 1
Female 2
Female 3
Below are Missie's  puppies baby pictures at 4 wks old !!!!
Female 1
Below are Missie's  puppies
baby pictures at 4 days old !!!!
Missie, enjoying her adorable little puppies pictured at 3 days old!!!
Missie, relaxing with her new babies!!!

Scroll down the page to see Missie's puppies
from her previous litter.
Missie's cute little boy is 4 weeks
old here, and he waiting till he is old
enough to fly to his new home in
Below are Missie's sweet little girls at 4 weeks old.
Male 1
Female 1
Female 2
Female 3
Below are Missie's puppies when they were younger.
Missie`s puppies below are  sold!!!
New pictures of Molly
at 10 weeks old.
Molly is 10 weeks old, she is a very sweet gentle puppy ,just like
her mother,and she will weigh aprox.25-25 lbs full grown.If you
have allergies Molly is a good puppy for you.She will have a
beautiful shaggy to curly coat.Call soon to come and see her.