"Doodles from our home to yours"
Now isn't he a big Teddy Bear!
The Kohuts are enjoying their new family member immensely and here is what the have to say about ''Goldie".
He is a Standard Goldendoodle.
Hi to the Erb family,  We simply love our Goldendoodle and we thank the Erb family for their professionalism and
most importantly, their love towards animals. You just can't beat the intelligence of a Poodle combined with the mild
temperament of a Golden Retriever. Our pet is no exception. He is smart and obedient with such a kind disposition.
He loves our children as you can see in the pictures. We can't imagine our family without him.Once you own a
Goldendoodle, you'll see what we mean.         Thanks,  The Kohuts.
Below we have complied a page of past customers along with their story
about the puppy they got from Wagging Heart Kennels. If you Below we
provide you with their contact information. Thanks and enjoy reading!
Red is a Standard Goldendoodle. Mallory and Marcel are in love with their puppy. Here is what  they
have to tell you.

Hello,  Long time no news.  
Just wanted to give an update on Mr. Red.  He is big. He now weighs around 50 pounds and has realized that he
can reach the counters in the kitchen.  Little bugger.
He loves stealing Kleenex and ripping it apart (but don't we all). He has made many more friends in the
neighbourhood, but is unfortunately getting to big to play his old puppy games with the smaller breeds.  
We are taking him tomorrow to sign him up for some puppy classes.  A long time to wait (especially with how big he
has gotten recently) but at least it is happening. Thank goodness.
He is a very active boy, loves to play fetch (in the house, cause outside there are other dogs, so those deserve his
devoted attention).  As well, when we went to get him from you, we gave him a gold blanket to have as his own.  Now
every blanket in the house is fair game, but he still favours the gold one.  He pulls it around everywhere he goes, so
cute. Marcel has taught him 'high five', as well he has mastered 'sit', 'lay down', 'stay', 'nice', 'shake a paw' with
'switch' and 'sit pretty' (which turns out isn't so pretty after all).Red is just the sunshine in our lives.  He helps me
wake up Marcel in the morning by giving him kisses, and he sits in my lap anytime i come home from somewhere.  
Red loves his kong ball filled with wet puppy food, and I'm sure would do anything for it. I have seen the new pictures
of the most recent litter, and they are beautiful, i just want to go down there right now and pick up the last little girl that
needs a home. Perhaps one day Marcel and i will be back. They are a great breed...
Take care John& Shelley,
Red going home...we still miss him!
Chase is a Standard Goldendoodle bred by Wagging Heart Kennels in 2005. His family thinks the
world of him and would never trade for another!

Hello folks
Chase, our 20 month old Golden Doodle, is featured on the web site front page and I thought it might be good for us
to send in a testimonial for this breed of dog. As you can see he is a Jedi Master and was a stunt double for Yoda in
the last Star Wars episode. Chase has been the best addition to your family. He is the most loving, calm, family
orientated pet you could ever ask for. My wife Nancy and I have owned dogs before our children were born, but after
they past away from old age we said we would not be able to replace the love lost with those pets. Well, I am the first
to admit, I was wrong.  Chase has been the love of my two children and my wife’s life. Myself being the ALPHA of the
house found him extremely easy to train and maintain his obedience. He is very protective of my wife and the children
but has NEVER bit or snapped at any person, he just barks in protest at me when I play fight with the kids.Chase is a
strong chewer who ONLY chews his “NYLA Bones”. His favorite spot to sleep is on the family couch, or the bed when
I get up to go to work.I have recommended this breed and this breeder to several people who have admired the
beauty and obedience of our family friend, Chase. Here are a few more photos of our friend and Pet, Chase.
Thanks Grant

This is Harley at his graduation from puppy class. Good job buddy! He is a Standard Goldendoodle.
Here is what his owners have to say about him.

Hi Friends, We thought you might like to know how Harley is doing. He weighs about 44 lbs now and still amazes us
with his personality. He has not destroyed anything in the house, other than some paper and he's totally potty trained.
He has finished his puppy training at Petsmart and will be going on to Intermediate training next week. We are
hoping he will become a therapy dog and the instructor thought he would be wonderful for that purpose also.
Attached is a picture of Harley getting his certificate for puppy training. Hope all is well with you, your family and the
dogs.     June, Roz & Harley
been a great addition to their family! This is what they have to say about her:
We thought you’d enjoy this picture of Tessa planning her next escapade. She’s a gem to say the least! All 23
pounds of non-shedding, non-matting fluff. We couldn’t be more pleased. She’s everything we wanted in a playmate
for Patrick our Portuguese Water Dog – and more! Together they are non-stop action full of vim and vigor! They are
inseparable, just as we planned. We’re looking forward the summer to come ~ Patrick plans to teach Tessa to swim
i.e., more pictures to come
Cheers to you and your family for ensuring just the right fit for our family circle of friends. Tessa with all her charm is
a perfect fit!  Enjoy your Christmas festivities’ knowing that Tessa loves her new home!
Take care, Denise & Colin  Patrick, Shauna and Tessa
Ms. Bella is a Standard Goldendoodle owned by Kerry and Ken. They are very impressed with their puppy. This is
what they have to say:

Hi...this is Kerry and Ken...we picked up our new puppy Ms.Bella from you at the end of July...and I just wanted to
share some pictures of her..she is now 7 months old and we love her so much...she is the easiest to train and
was totally house trained by 4 1/2 months..she doesn't even chew things...
My husband and I would like to say thank you so much for bringing Ms. Bella into our lives and you can be sure that
she will have a great life with us because there is lots and lots of love given to her each day...Happy new year to you
and your family....
Goldendoodles love the snow... and the water!!
Hi Friends,How are things with you.  Just wanted to let you know all is well with Lily.  She was 6 months yesterday -
WOW!  She'll be spayed next week and continues to grow - up to 43 lbs!
I've begun intensive training with her and plan to work with her as a therapy dog through St. John's Ambulance.  
Unofficially she's in training and will begin when she turns one (minimum age requirment).
We are just having so much fun with her.
Best, Stacey, Lily & Family
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expanding personalities and characteristics.
They know how to give me high fives, say hello (quick bark), lay down, jump into the car, pose (sit),
we are currently working on turning left and right when we are out walking. Their smartness may come
back to haunt me one of these days!
They love exploring the city and the paths in around Ottawa and Quebec and I am unable to get more
than half a block without getting compliments on how beautiful and bubbly they are.
Zeke is currently weighing in at 30lbs and Gabe is right behind him at 29.2lbs, both growing to fit into
those paws of theirs!
Hope all is well. Happy Thanksgiving,
Exciting news from  "Whitehorse ,Yukon"
Our two new members of the family have settled in very well and all the puppies are happily getting
"Zeke" for short.  Him and Gabriel ("Gabe") are great buddies.  I called our new sweet girl "Kya".  
Her and Kadin ("Kadie") are also great little friends.
Thanks again for the beautiful puppies.  I'll try to keep in touch with updates as they grow.
decide to visit our way.   Kindest regards,  Joanne
These 4 beautiful puppies are from Seneca and Tigger (StandardF1's). Joanne has the 2 females
in Whitehorse, and the daughter Danielle has the 2 males and lives in Ottawa , and they are
thoroughly enjoying them.  Read below what they have to say:
Tessa; you're a beauty!!!
Good lookin' Tessa!
Wonderful Ms. Bella!
Beautiful Lily!
Wither thou goest, I will go!!
Life is great in the Yukon!!!
Best of friends!!!
This is Gabe, Zeke,Kya, and Kadin enjoying each others
freindship, in the great outdoors.!!!!
Congratulations Harley!

Hi Shelley, here are a couple of pictures of Ruddy at 10 months of age...taken this morning.
Doesn't he look regal? He is male #1 out of
Daisy and King. No one can believe he is a doodle. He
is all Golden in appearance - except for the white chest and white on hind feet and tip of tail. He
used to have a white patch on his forehead too but it is barely visible now.

Ruddy is a very clever boy. I have taught him to pick up items off the floor and give them to
me...very handy when I don't feel like bending over! He also likes to play games. We play hide and
go seek and he can find us every time. Also loves "find it", where we hide a toy and he has to find
it. As soon as I start to stir in the mornings, he appears at my bedside with my slipper in his mouth.
When I thank him and take it from him, he gives me the other one. If I don't get up right away, he
will get my husband's slipper and he will keep getting items until I get out of bed. If bringing me
things doesn't work, he will grab the blankets and try to pull them off.... too funny! No sleeping in is
allowed. He has many friends in our neighbourhood and he loves to play. He gets along very well
with other dogs, and of course he loves people too. All in all, he is a great dog. Not sure what he
weighs now but at his last vet appointment in January, he was 50 lbs. I am guessing he must be
close to 60 lbs now...he has really filled out.

He is very smart. He has learned sit, down, roll over, leave it, off, wait...and we are working on stay.
He automatically sits for everything...before he gets his food dish, when we call him to us, before
he goes out the door or in the door etc. His recalls are very good in the house...not as good
outside. We have a large fenced yard and there are many distractions for a little guy. But we will
get there. He is quiet in his crate and I make a point of having him in there a couple of hours a day
just so I can get something done. I have been leaving him alone for an hour or two each day as
well and he doesn't seem to mind that at all. Of course he sleeps all night in his crate in our room
and we never hear a peep. He has met the older dogs in the neighbourhood and is quite respectful
and submissive without being afraid. We love him to bits. Thanks for breeding such a lovely dog!
Hope all is well with you and John and that you are getting a few more signs of spring than we are.
Cheers ....Mary