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" Tiny F1b Goldendoodle Testimnoials  "  Page 1
Below we have compiled a page of past customers along with their story about theTiny F1b
Golden Doodle puppy they got from Wagging Heart Kennels. If you would like to speak further
with them, we can provide you with their contact information. Thanks and enjoy reading!
Notice: I underlined the parents of the puppy to help you identify each puppy better.
Read what the Collier Family says about their puppy!
Chloe is a Tiny F1B Goldendoodle -  born June 9th 2008
We've searched the internet to try and find a dog that would fit our family.  When we came to your kennels that day
in August to see the puppies we were impressed with how clean and well looked after your puppies were. Chole is a
wonderful dog. She loves the water and loves the beach.She loves the outdoors and will just lay in the sun on the
deck. Many people always ask what kind of dog she is and tell us that is the kind of dog they want.  She has
the softest coat of fur and many people comment on that. The best part about her is that she does not shed at all
and from having a lab that is a huge thing.The vet was impressed with how well she was looked after with the proper
shots and said she was a great dog. At 9 1/2 months of age she is 14lbs and the perfect size.  I am hoping some of
her siblings will send some photo's as well so we can see some pictures. If you are thinking about a goldendoodle
they are really wonderful dogs. She really is the sweetest dog and very smart too!! It took no time for her to be potty
trained.  She just barks at the back door. She really is the greatest dog!!  We have referred many people to your
website to view the new puppies.         Simone & Todd Waddell ,    Burlington, Ontario
This family found the perfect dog, read all about it !!!
I will send more pictures of myself as I get older, I'm still growing and I love it in warm
California!!   Keep watching for updated pictures.
Here are some photo's of Yoko
from her first 4 months! Her loves
her new home. People ask from
cars or walking by to find out what
breed she is!!!  We have passed
on your website to many
people.....Thank you for
everything and we will keep you
updated as she grows.
Alison and Dave xxx
Toots is a tiny goldendoodle from Ruby and Sammy. She came all the way to Texas for her new home! We can not
say enough about her. She meets and everyone comments on how well behaved and cute she is!  We have
referred many people to your sight. She is about 4 1/2 months and weighs 9 pounds. We have had many different
dogs, but Toots is by far the best dog we have ever had, we will send more pics soon!
Bailey loves socks and running
teach her to bring them in the
laundry room.   She was born to

Ruby and Sammy
and she
turned 1 years old on January
14.  She's a very
affectionate dog... I have had
other dogs prior to Bailey and
none of them were as
affectionate or as easy to train
as she has been...She loves her
daily walk and we often get stop
and asked what kind of dog and
how well behaved she is. She
loves to be outdoor where she
can retrieve her Frisbee. We are
looking forward to bringing her to
our camp and watching her play
in the water.  I would not hesitate
to get another tiny golden doodle
in the future.   I have included
some pictures of her.  If anyone
has any question in regards to
purchasing a tiny golden We
would like to thank you again for
our precious Bailey who is the
light of our life.    
Betty anne Degilio
Hi Shelley,
I thought you might like some recent
neutered in April 2010. He keeps us
busy and we enjoy every minute. He
is full of love and adventure. I forgot
what it was like to watch your puppy
experience all “THE FIRSTS”. He
brings us so much joy and laughter.
Regards,  Barbara and Brian Le
Hi Shelley,   Hope you are doing
well....I'm sending you a few updated
pictures of 'Moxie'..   Moxie is from
and Sammy's
litter born January 14th,
giggled when I read the one about
"Bailey" and her taking their
socks...Moxie is just like her sister she
loves taking socks and hiding them
under the bed!   She loves the snow and
being outside playing with the kids.  She
has been the best puppy and we cannot
imagine life without her now!    
Kim Murray
Meet "Penny"her parents were Nutmeg and Copper.
She is the sweetest, most lovable dog you could ask
for! We couldn't be happier to have her in our life as
she adds a bit of sunshine and happiness to each one
of us every day. While we still are trying to get her to
leave socks, underwear and tissues alone, if that's the
extent of her trouble making, that's fine! We always
said since day one that she must have gotten alot of
love and care from an early age because of just how
truly sweet and good natured she is, so We live in New
York, and I wanted to send you some photos of Penny,
and my family. Penny is doing great and is really
thanking  you for doing a wonderful job raising her.
We're truly blessed to have her!I would 100%
recommend you as a breeder and tell anyone whose
interested in goldendoodles to go your way.   
Take care,   Kaitlyn
"Charlie"Loves playing
with Gizmo!!!
We are so happy we got a Tiny Goldendoodle
for our family. It was  definitely worth it.  
Chloe's the first dog that I have ever given full
rain of the house to after six months of age.  
Chloe does all the usual tricks, sit, down,
play dead, high five, stay, heel, come.  She is
an excellent traveler, which is a big plus for
us.  When visiting friends and family she is a
big hit.  She loves the boat and the cabin.  
She loves her sticks and these days can
always be found outside wrestling with a
frozen twig stuck in the snow.  Chloe has a toy
box full of toys and she is quite Chloe is about
1 1/2 yrs old and weighs 7.5 kg.  Fortunately
for us she does not shed, her hair texture is
extremely hilarious to watch.  She loves all
dogs and has several friends to play with. She
has also made friends with a couple of cats
and they love getting her into trouble.  Chloe
loves to swim and when having a bath she will
actually fall asleep.    Thank you for our
adorable dog, Kim.
I'm sure that everyone out
there with a puppy from
Wagging Heart Kennels
knows exactly how we feel.
After many discussions and
considerations, we came to
the conclusion that we would
love to adopt a sister for
Teegan.  We are excited to
announce that Tessa a Tiny
Goldendoodle will be the
latest member of our family at
the end of June.  She is  
healthy, friendly,  easy going
and loving like Teegan and
oh yes beautiful.  We will
keep everyone posted on
how things are going with two
Regards;  The Northrup
Shelley,  Things have been
going great with our new puppy
Moxie...We picked her up April
27th, she was your last puppy
Ruby and Sammy's litter. It
was like she was waiting for
us....She is so smart and has
been no trouble at all to house
train... It is almost like she has
been apart of our family
forever.. Moxie has been very
busy attending lots of soccer
games and she has even been
to a hotel.. She is so friendly
and will keep you posted as
she grows...   Darren, Kim,
Jake and Jenna Murray
Hi there ,
Many months have passed since little Zoe entered
our family.she has been healthy and happy.Her
parents are
Nutmeg and Copper.As you must know,
she has changed our lives tremendously – all for the
good! We would have a great deal to tell you
about the impact she’s had on our lives but find it
temperament, social disposition and general
willingness to please have all made her the perfect
pet for grandparents, children and adults alike. We
have, in fact, been asked by several other families
have, in fact, been asked by several other families
about her origins and I wouldn’t be surprised if you
have been contacted by a couple of them ....
(all from BC).       
Best wishes,  Jane Duff   Vancouver  B.C.
The whole family with "Charlie"
Read what the Kings say about "Milo"
Here are some photos of our dog Milo.  His parents are Nutmeg and Copper, born August 30, 2009.  He's a tiny F1b
Goldendoodle, nine months old, and weighs 20 pounds.  He sheds a very small amount .He was well-socialized right
from pick up, he interacts well with other dogs and has shown no territorial or possessive behaviour.  People on the
street fawn over him, they tell us how cute he is and ask all kinds of questions about the breed and where we got
him.  We're incredibly happy with our puppy, he's been a great addition to our lives.
Note to Shelley.  When my wife Sandi and I picked him up, he had blue eyes and a brown nose.  You were curious
whether those features would stay.  His nose has stayed brown and his eyes have changed from blue to a beautiful
gold/grey. The photos attached to this email are from when he was younger,and some are more recent photos.
David Grout and Sandi King
She is very bright, has a wonderful temperament and makes us laugh daily!  Don't let her size fool you; she is
full of energy and her daily 7km walk is simply a warm up for her! Training her was not a problem....she learns
very quickly.  Although she knows better, she is a sock stealer and loves to be chased!  A true retriever.....she
must have something in her mouth before she can greet anyone at the door!  It is quite comical!
We've included a few photos of Sunny. She looks like a little teddy bear.....except when she plays in the mud.  
We have included a photo taken of her just after a round of digging....she is quite the character!!  We couldn't
imagine our family without her.   Katya and family.
Here's what David& Michelle have to say:
Sandy is a tiny F1b goldendoodle from Nutmeg and Georgie.  She has been a wonderful addition to our family!  
This is the first puppy for our sons and they have been delighted to have such an enthusiastic playmate.  Sandy
has an outgoing personality.  She is very social with people and other dogs.  At 9 months old, she weighs 18
pounds and we don't think she will get much bigger.  We have two family members with severe allergies, but none of
coat have turned wavy, while other parts remain fluffy.  Our puppy trainer has made many comments about what a
good-natured, bright, easy-to-train puppy we have.  She rarely barks.  We have given her the nickname Pogo
because she can be quite a jumper when she is excited!  We had a friendly and welcoming experience at Wagging
Heart Kennels and we really appreciated the regular updates after she was born.  Thank you for making it possible
for us to find such a terrific dog!
Sincerely,  Michelle from New York
brought little Coco home from Wagging Hearts on October 24th, 2009, when she was eight weeks old. Her
parents are
Nutmeg and Copper.Since then, we’ve been lucky to get to know this wonderful little puppy. In
sweetest, kindest, most loveable dog we could have imagined, and it’s been so easy to train her. She’s smart
and adaptable, and kind to all dogs and humans. Everyone stops us to ask what kind of dog she is, and we
always tell them she’s a Tiny F1B Goldendoodle from Wagging Heart. Coco loves to play and do tricks; she
can walk across the living room on her hind legs and dances with us! She gets along really well with everyone,
and loves to play with kids and other dogs.
Lauren has moderate dog allergies, but because Coco is 75% poodle, there’s been no allergic reaction
whatsoever. Anyone considering a puppy should choose one from Wagging Heart; Coco’s intelligence and
gentle nature is in no small part due to her excellent breeding and lineage. We love sweet Coco more than we
thought possible, and we’re so grateful we chose Wagging Heart.
Sincerely,   Lauren & Geoff
Hi Shelley,Our puppy Milo just turned one year old! He was born August 30th, 2009 to Nutmeg and Copper.  We new
baby, he has developed no jealousy or territorial behaviours that we've heard can be a problem with dogs in
this situation. He even seems to know the difference between his toys and the baby's toys! We love Milo so much and
we can't say enough about this breed. Anyone thinking of getting a dog should get a golden doodle.
If we ever decide to add another dog to our family, we'll be returning to Wagging Heart Kennels.
We have included some updated photos...he really is a gorgeous dog.
Sandi King and David Grout
New pictures of Milo at 1 year old.

It has now been almost a year since we brought Bailey
(parents: Copper and Nutmeg) home to North Bay. Our
children left home several years ago, and we decided it might
be a perfect time to bring a dog into our lives. We the training
we offered, and she now has free access to most of the house.
Bailey has been, in every respect, a wonderful addition to our
family: her friendliness and love of people are always on
display, and she has made many friends in our neighbourhood,
especially children. She loves to travel, is very comfortable in
the car, and has accompanied us on a number of seekend
vacations to hotels. She also loved being in the pool over the
summer. Other great joys include helping remove laundry from
the washer and dryer, and assisting with the loading and
unloading of the dishwasher.  
Again, we are thrilled that Bailey has come into our lives.
Thank you for making her available to us.
With best wishes, Paul and Karen King
North Bay, Ontario
Bella, was the smallest in the litter. I have yet to see a doodle as small as her. Now 1 yr. old Bella weighs 10 lbs.
Her parents are
 Muffins and Bejay. She is 13 in. high and 14 in. long. We are first time pet owners without
children and being retired I thought it was a good to get a puppy.  BELLA is an F1b tiny golden doodle and was
born on Feb. 1st, 2010. She was posted on the Wagging Heart website and fell in love with a photo of Ellie,
now BELLA. We contacted Shelley and she answered all our questions and concerns. We adopted Bella at 15
weeks. She loves car rides and will stay in her carrier . She will only bark if there is a loud knock at the door. She
sleeps all night in her open crate or her own bed.
She loves playing with other dogs and enjoys the outdoors and the snow.
My wife and I call Bella a blessing and highly recommend the Golden Doodle, and Wagging Heart Kennel.  
Terryellen & Rick        
Read what these people from Saulte Saint Marie
have to say about Bella !!!!
Bella you are a sweet heart!!!!
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Hi Shelley!
Finn is now 4 years old and has a wonderful thick fleecy white coat, he is very stunning and everyone asks where
we got him from.  He is such a great  brother for Oliver, who we have now purchased  our
2cd puppy from Wagging Heart Kennels, Oliver is a half brother to Finn.
Oliver's parents are Ruby X Feather.
Finn's parents are Ruby X Sammy.
Oh, we are enjoying Oliver so much.  His personality is really coming out
quickly and he is picking up so fast by following Finn’s example.  Oliver seems to be a well-balanced dog also –
confident but not aggressive.  It has been an easy transition!  Oliver is just so lovely and super cuddly which I am
enjoying so much!  Finn is being a great big brother,and Aaliyah is loving having a new puppy in the house!
I will send along some new pictures to you.  Thank you so much for the picture of all of us, it is such a nice
treasure to have.  And we don’t mind at all that you are posting it on your web site.
Thanks so much for everything.  We are so happy to have Oliver in our family.  It was really nice seeing you
again.  We will keep in touch!  ~Kimberley~
Finn as a puppy.
Read what these people from Alberta, have to say about Ernie !
Hello!  Just wanted to write you guys an update and send along some pictures of our F1b tiny golden doodle we
bought from you guys two years ago. His name is 'Ernie' and was one of
Polar and Teeka's puppies.
Simply put - he's an awesome dog!  We live in Edmonton, and spend a lot of time outside with him year-round.  
He loves going to the off-leash areas and playing with other dogs, but he loves more than anything to run up to
every person he sees to say hello.  And above all, his favorite past-time is playing fetch with balls (though not a
big fan of bringing them back, he loves chasing them).  
We live in a condo, and it's difficult to take him outside at any given time so he can pee.  We use puppy pads in
the condo, and he was trained to use them after only a few days, when he was only 8 or 9 weeks old.  After two
years with us, you'd still never know a dog lived in the condo, since he's never shed a hair, and doesn't smell at
all, and rarely barks!!
Every so often due to work or short overnight trips, we have to drop him off at a doggy day-care.  We've used 3
different ones now, and the staff are always thrilled to have him and always comment on what a smart,
well-behaved, fun dog he is.  And they always say how much he loves to play by himself with balls (he tosses
them up in the air and pounces and chases them).
We've done a few longer trips with him, to Vancouver and Kelowna to visit family.  He travels extremely well (in a
car or shipped by air) and sleeps in his crate quietly.  He's also won over every single relative (none of which are
dog people) - and it's been made clear to us by several sets of parents and grandparents (who live in condos)
that he's always welcome back. We also have several young nieces and nephews, who all love him.  He seems to
have a special fondness for little kids.
Overall, he's a wonderful pet, constant companion, and part of the family.  He's quiet, energetic, VERY
affectionate an friendly, and above all, highly intelligent.  He has a real personality with all sorts of mannerisms
which all contribute to his character, and we wanted to let you know how happy we've been with him since the
day he arrived.
Attached are some pictures with him at the park, and at various times of the year  after he's had a nice haircut.  
Hope you enjoy.Take Care,     Cam and Tasha from Sklar Edmonton, AB
The adoption of our Billie,
For 10 years we had the joy of sharing our life with
a beautiful golder retriever. After she past away,
we wanted a smaller dog and one who would not
shed its fur. So, we decided to look on the Net for a
goldendoodle and found the Wagging Hearth
Kennel. We contacted Shelley and she was very
nice to us and understanding of our needs. Then,
after an 8 hour drive from our home, we arrived at
the kennel and met with the puppies that were
available. I took one puppy in my arms and
immediately fell in love. I had found my little Billie. I
witnessed her first bath and Shelley provided me
with good advice on how to care for her. Later we
got back on the road with our new puppy Billie.  It
and we are so in love with our beautiful tiny
goldendoodle. She has been checked by our
veterinarian who told us that she was perfect and
that she has had a very good start in life (vet shots
and food).
Everywhere I go, I bring Billie along as she brings
attention to her and people are amazed by her
beauty and her joyfull character. Our adoption
experience with the Wagging Heart Kennels was
excellent and the 16 hour trip was worth it. Thank
you Shelley for my sweet Billie.

Here's a picture of our puppy we adopted last april.
She was puppy #1 from
Nutmeg and Twister. We
are deeply in love with her, she's adorable. We get
a lot of nice comments from everyone!
Manon Lajeunesse
Mirabel, Québec
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Kirby just turned one on
November 8/09  He was the only
one in his litter January to view
the tiny goldendoodle puppies.  
Instead I arrived home January
to view the tiny goldendoodle
puppies.  Instead I arrived home
with Kirby Everyone says how
cute he is and I have told many
people where we got him.  He is
now 32 lbs and he does not
shed. Thank you for such a
great dog! Sincerely,Darlene
"Finn & Oliver"
Hi Shelley, we absolutely love our Finn.
He had a great birthday yesterday!
Thanks again for such an amazing
friend. ~Joanne White~
I am sorry it has taken me so long to write. Riggin’s is  turning one on Friday so I thought it was time I
shared some photos of him. He was one o
f Bubbles and Bejay’s boys born last June.
He is honestly the greatest thing that happened to us. He is the sweetest little boy. He loves everyone and
plays with dogs of all sizes. He is especially great at fetch and catching balls in his mouth. We love his red
coloring and cute little curls. Right now he has a summer cut.  
We can’t thank you enough for our little boy. He has brought so much love to our lives. We are also happy
to share that we have been referring Wagging Heart to friends. So far one person has purchases a puppy
and others plan to soon.   All the best,   Allison and Sameer Munshi

Hi Shelley,I wanted to send you a quick picture of Rambo - he is one year old tomorrow - June 17.  I can't
believe how quickly time flies.  Rambo is an absolute delight.  He is just the perfect dog.  As we wanted he
loves rides in the car, he loves going for walks and he loves absolutely everyone.  I am afraid he gets a little
spoiled because we love him so much!  We are constantly complimented on him - on how calm he is, how
well behaved he is and how well adjusted he is for a puppy.
Thank you for providing us the 'perfectly trained puppy'!I   Take care, Donna
Rambo's first haircut
Hi Shelley....This is a photo of Sunny.  He is the best dog we have ever had, he is so well behaved
and lovable.   ~Lorrie Pitoscia~
Hello,it will be a year tomorrow that Lola is part of our
Her parents are Bubbles X BeJay. It was love at
first sight and all year round, Lola just brighten up our
family life! She is an amazing dog, charming, loveable,
very affectionate, we couldn't have wished for a better
dog. On top of all that, she is just gorgeous!!!!
Thank you so much,
Anne-Marie Caron
getting ready to pick up
our new puppy from you.
(From Ruby and Feather)
Just letting you know she
is doing very well and is
best buddies with our
other golden who is
exactly one year older
than her.  We enjoy every
minute of her.  All the
best,Jill and Mike Jones
We got CeCe and Zoey (mini F1b doodles) in January of 2013.  Their parents are Nutmeg and Highlighter.  They are
adored by the entire family, and their loving personalities make everyone attach to them the minute you see them.
They are so smart.  They don't chew on things that are expected...such as shoes and toy stuffed animals.  They are
very close to each other and are never apart, but easily bonded with their humans from the very beginning.  We were
wondering how we would handle two puppies at the same time, but it was such a smart decision looking back.  Shelley
had done the house training on them before we picked them up.They never get lonely when we go out...they have
each other! We are so pleased with our mini doodles.  We truly feel these dogs are the best family pets ever.  They
have it all...intelligence, loving nature. Thanks Shelley for these wonderful family members.
The Newpol Family, Ann Arbor, Michigan
"Zoey & Cece"
Alba is my bed bud. I got her when she was 4.5 months old and she has just been a little angel ever since I've had